Title Insurance Overview

Title Insurance Overview

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance protects you against risks and losses caused by flaws in title arising from events that happened in the past. Simply put, it protects you against loss due to defects that were not discovered at the time of the sale. Think of Baird & Warner's title insurance as a policy that insures your peace of mind. A one-time premium guards you against claims long after you have sold the property.

Why You Need Title Insurance

Although the chances of someone challenging your interests are slim, it could cause you to lose one of your largest investments – your home. With Baird & Warner Title Insurance, you are insured if such a claim arises and is found to be legitimate. Our extensive title search satisfies your obligation to present conclusive evidence that the title is clear of any past defects and thus can be conveyed to the buyer.

Title Insurance Protects You Against:

  • Another owner who has an interest in the title
  • Improper handling of documents, such as a form that is not correctly signed, sealed, recognized or delivered
  • Questions of fraud, incompetence, coercion or impersonation
  • An improperly recorded document
  • Liens on the property that exist because of a deed, trust, previous marriage, judgment, tax, assessment, or an outstanding charge by a condominium or homeowners' association
  • Liens on the title, either present or future, that arise from material or labor furnished prior to the policy date (unless payment had been agreed upon)

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